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Christmas Cards

You may have received one of my Christmas cards this year. I hope you enjoyed it! They are a labor of love to produce and distribute.

I'm working on a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into them. Please check back here soon!

A behind-the-scenes look

Here's a short video documenting some of my process about how these cards are made. Enjoy!

Did you scan your unique QR code?

There may be a unique QR code printed on the return address label on your card. If there is, please scan it with your phone to gain access to a personalized web page. It will also automatically send me a message that you received my card (pretty cool, right?!).

Don't have a way to scan it, or the QR isn't working?

If you aren't able to scan the QR, you can view a non-personalized version of the same page by clicking the button below. Most of the "good stuff" is still available for you to see :).

Christmas Card Fun Facts

Here's what it took to create this year's Christmas cards.

I didn't get to track all the details, so some of these are approximated.
Cards sent
Countries sent to
Pieces of double-sided tape peeled
Stamps used
Mailing labels attached

There's even more fun info to come!

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